MSS Dura Seal

Split, single outside seal designed for use on large, heavy or inaccessible equipment where seal change out is costly or prohibitive. Split design facilities installation without dismantling equipment. Self- lubricating faces dissipate heat and can run dry. Also withstands pressure reversals common to agitator services. Very easy to install and maintain. Handles shaft run out up to 150″ F.I.M.

Request literature #579

Type of seal
split, pusher design
wet-To100 psig (690kpa)
Dry- To75 psig (520kpa)
To 250f (121 *C)
wet-To 2200 fpm (11mps)
Dry -To 130fpm(0.7 mps)
Standard size
1″ to 12″
40mm to 220mm