MX-201 Dura Seal

Double, pusher design used in mixer applications where no leakage can be tolerated. Able to handle system upsets without leakage or product contamination. Offers greater safety and reliability than possible with conventional double seals. Can be run wet or dry, or in tandem configuration, for added versatility and economy. Pre-set cartridge canister design eliminates need for setting measurements.

Type of seal: Double, pusher  seal

Pressure: Double, wet-To 300 psig (2070 kPa)

Double, dry-To 115 psig (790 kPa)

Tandem, wet & dry-To 100 psig (690 kPa)

Temperature: To 300F (150C)

Velocity: Wet-To 210 fpm (1 mps)

Dry-To 130 fpm (0.7 mps)

Standard sizes: 1 3/16” to  63/16”